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Come Out of the Storm

Technology is always changing, leaving you feeling like a ship in uncharted waters. Cobalt is your lighthouse, here to guide you and help you avoid disaster.

We’re your personal IT experts. Like a lighthouse standing steadfast and bright, we’re here just when you need us to show you safe harbors.

We safeguard your business

When the waters get rough, we’re ready.

Cobalt will help you design, purchase or upgrade your systems to ensure reliability, security and robust performance.

Are your systems running smoothly and efficiently, and are they reliable? Are you ready for a hardware failure if it occurs? Is your business protected from cyber threats? What about your customer and internal data – are they protected? Are you compliant with government requirements, such as HIPAA and PCI?

We solve problems

We work at every level on any size problem, from a simple software or hardware glitch to designing, implementing or troubleshooting complex, multi-faceted, networked systems.

We’ll approach your problem from all angles to make sure we determine the cause and find the best solution. We see the problem through from start to finish. Always, and every time.

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